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Just a shitty ass YouTuber with a very horrible life, trying to achieve a very big dream:achieve a good suicide and stay in Heaven.

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Is my account over...?

Posted by AndriuxDev - 8 days ago

I know my life is focused on art and videos, but now I got banned on the art and music portals. I think I will not upload more art here, yet my DeviantArt, Pixiv and Patreon are still open for artworks. But this ban is much more disappointing and depressing for me.

I swear to god, if I get banned in the music and video portals as well and/or I don't get unbanned soon, I'll go and drop myself from a high building. I so had enough of mistreating, I'm just posting and my content is NEVER appropriate to children, I mostly focus on teenage audiences, as they understand my topics better.

If you're reading this, I just hope you can help me even if it means I have to harm myself so much to the point I get into an hospital bed and die due to a comma.

Please send any murderers to me while I try to leave this place.




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the hell u do to get banned

I sometimes draw diaper art, something that I believe you guys don't like. If you don't like me, then leave. I don't need any support from easily disturbed people.

not really. something said here in trying times.

What 'something' are you talking about? For as much as I try to fit in the society, it'll all be a lame attempt.


You big meanie, you're not worth of a mention.

@kujojo hey whats up kujojo? we haven't talked in a while! hows it going man i haven't seen you since 2017

@lightningfowl oh hey elly, whats up? havent seen since middle school! GOOOOO KILLER WHALES hahaha!! anyways...celebrating this guys celebration for getting some fucking help in his life for drawing weird ass nasty shit!!! ROFL. what've you been up to?

You are such a meanie. Why do you guys hate me so much? Should I really make a video towards myself and tackle down why my life is so bad?!

You draw diaper fetish art featuring loli-like characters and claim that its aimed at Teens, i wonder why you're banned hmmmmm really have to think about this one.

I did categorize most if not all my art as Teen/Mature. I just hope to know when will I get unbanned.

@kujojo What have I been doing? Well, honestly not too much lately. I mean I would like to be doing stuff but I got in a pretty serious car accident like two years ago. It really messed me up.. but I'm doin' alright nowadays. I can finally turn my head now and I can finally walk with the help of a cane. Other than healing up, I've been training my hand eye coordination that I lost by doing some crocheting! It may seem boring, but when you're watching a funny video it's actually kind of fun! Once you get into the flow of it its ez pz! :) Aw man... I miss middle school! I especially miss Alek though... I still feel bad for him.. he was so young.. just couldn't get the door unlocked in time to escape that chemical fire in the labroom. But anyway.. I have to stop typing for the moment I need my pills. Let me know if you want something crotched btw I'm happy to oblige! GO KILLA WHALES!!!

@samthegreeter @AndriuxDev what da fuck

@samthegreeter @AndriuxDev what da fuck

@samthegreeter @AndriuxDev what da fuck

@samthegreeter @AndriuxDev what da fuck

@iscrulz @AndriuxDev Cue sappy piano music now more than ever you got to you know the rest. Men's mental health problems are treated as a joke.

Why must everyone hurt me in this way...?

@iscrulz @AndriuxDev @AndriuxDev maybe some futanari inflation will cheer you up.